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The Circle of Compassion is a dedicated group of monthly givers that are passionate about animals! People like you, from Ohio and beyond, donating what they can to ensure injured, abused and homeless pets receive the life-saving care they deserve. Their compassion is creating a kinder, more humane world for animals each and every day.

***Already a Circle of Compassion Member? To update your credit card information or change your donation amount, reach out to Elizabeth, our Development Director at or 440-951-6122 ext. 108***

It all adds up. A little each month will go a long way!

$15 (50 cents a day) – provides critical vaccines and testing to one shelter animal.

$30 ($1.00 a day) – provides two days of safe shelter, nutritious food and treats, enrichment, and attentive care to one shelter animal.

$50 ($1.67 a day) – provides a foster family with a month of supplies to care for a pet in need

$75 ($2.50 a day) – provides a spay or neuter surgery to one dog in need.

You belong here.

This amazing community is composed of generous, kind, and passionate people—like you. They’re making a difference every day in the lives of homeless animals. By joining today, you can help this community grow and make an even bigger impact! 

Why Our Members Give:

“My family loves rescue animals and the staff and volunteers of the Lake Humane Society who have the hearts to care for them. Where would all of the animals be if not for the care of these people? Each month when I see my bank statement and the donation noted, I feel good because I know I am helping these animals, even if it is in a small way.

- Laurie G. – Member Since 2019

I know when I donate to LHS, my donation will not go to waste. Whether it’s a single can of wet food, a case of food, or cash to help offset surgical expenses for an animal, it all helps. By setting up a monthly donation, I know LHS will consistently have something they can count on from me to allocate where it is needed most. Since I can’t help every animal in need by myself, donating to LHS regularly is the best way to go to help as many animals as possible.

- Kirk P. – Member Since 2019

“I volunteered for Lake Humane Society for about 6 years after retiring and my husband and I still support the organization. The reason I give an automatic donation monthly is there are always many mouths to feed at the shelter!  There are always veterinary costs, as well as rent and utilities for the shelter space. And by donating automatically, I don’t forget to give them money. Without donations, hundreds of animals would not be taken care of each year “

- Karen W. – Member Since 2019

We decided to donate monthly to help the animals we cannot adopt. We would love to adopt more, but we are getting older and it’s a little more difficult to take care of many dogs. So, we do the next best thing…donate monthly to the Lake Humane Society so we know the animals there will be well taken care of until they find their forever home. It gives us peace of mind that we’re doing the right thing.”

- Ron and Susan G. – Members Since 2018

LHS Closed to the public

Updated: 12/20/22

Last week, in cooperation with a local police department, Lake Humane Society aided in the rescue of six animals from a humane investigation. Unfortunately, one of the dogs from the rescue has tested positive for the canine parvovirus. The dog is in quarantine and currently doing well under treatment.
Because this disease spreads rapidly, and has a 14-day incubation period, out of an abundance of caution for the health of LHS’s animal population, LHS shelter is closed for the next 14 days. The next two weeks will allow our staff to monitor and assess the health of our animals. We will provide updates as they become available.
Canine parvovirus is a rapidly contagious viral disease that can affect any and all dogs that have not been fully vaccinated. It is vitally important that LHS prioritizes the health and well-being of the animals, staff and volunteers within our shelter walls and yours at home. LHS vaccinates all dogs that haven’t been vaccinated on arrival in an effort to protect them from many diseases, parvovirus being one of them, and clean the shelter with disinfectants to combat the spread of disease.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting our mission in protecting pets and people.
We will be doing adoptions with our animals that are fully vaccinated and showing no signs of illness. Some restrictions will apply, however, if you are interested in adopting, please email so our team can discuss in more detail.
REGARDING AUGGIES PET FOOD PANTRY: we will still be operating Wednesday, December 21st from 1-3pm as the annex building has not been exposed to parvo.