Planned Giving

Christ Kotsos Story of Legacy and Hope

Christ loved animals. After retiring from car sales, he became involved with Lake Humane Society. Christ became a regular event attendee, and always looked forward to Black Cat Ball. In the years that followed, he adopted two dogs from LHS, Williams and Grady, who brought such joy to his life.

Before Christ passed, he knew he wanted to leave something meaningful behind. After talking to staff at LHS, he included Lake Humane Society in his will. Christ wished to help homeless animals long into the future – a legacy we are honored to fulfill.

A legacy gift will keep on giving compassionate care, protection and second chances to homeless animals, while leading a humane Lake County.

What will your legacy be?

Planned giving is a powerful way to help Lake Humane Society and can provide you with immediate or future tax benefits. Including a charitable gift in your estate plan ensures that lifesaving programs for animals and people will continue for years to come. A planned gift ensures the values you hold dear live on within future generations. To discuss your legacy with us, please fill out our Planned Giving Interest Form and Elizabeth Johnson, Director of Development, will be in touch with you.

Planned Giving Interest Form

Several planned giving opportunities are described below. Please consult your attorney or estate planner to discuss what options are best for you.


Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts are two vehicles through which you and Lake Humane Society both receive benefits on an ongoing basis. In a Charitable Remainder Trust, annual income is provided to you, and as a beneficiary of the trust Lake Humane Society receives the gift upon the passing of those indicated in the trust.

In a Charitable Lead Trust, Lake Humane Society, as a beneficiary of the trust, receives distributions from the trust for a predetermined number of years, and at the end of the time period the remainder of the trust is then distributed to Lake Humane Society and any other beneficiaries indicated in the trust document.

Your Legacy, Their Hope.

We would love to help you create a legacy of love.

Please fill out our Planned Giving Interest Form and Elizabeth Johnson, Director of Development, will be in touch with you.

Planned Giving Interest Form

LHS Closed to the public

Updated: 12/20/22

Last week, in cooperation with a local police department, Lake Humane Society aided in the rescue of six animals from a humane investigation. Unfortunately, one of the dogs from the rescue has tested positive for the canine parvovirus. The dog is in quarantine and currently doing well under treatment.
Because this disease spreads rapidly, and has a 14-day incubation period, out of an abundance of caution for the health of LHS’s animal population, LHS shelter is closed for the next 14 days. The next two weeks will allow our staff to monitor and assess the health of our animals. We will provide updates as they become available.
Canine parvovirus is a rapidly contagious viral disease that can affect any and all dogs that have not been fully vaccinated. It is vitally important that LHS prioritizes the health and well-being of the animals, staff and volunteers within our shelter walls and yours at home. LHS vaccinates all dogs that haven’t been vaccinated on arrival in an effort to protect them from many diseases, parvovirus being one of them, and clean the shelter with disinfectants to combat the spread of disease.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting our mission in protecting pets and people.
We will be doing adoptions with our animals that are fully vaccinated and showing no signs of illness. Some restrictions will apply, however, if you are interested in adopting, please email so our team can discuss in more detail.
REGARDING AUGGIES PET FOOD PANTRY: we will still be operating Wednesday, December 21st from 1-3pm as the annex building has not been exposed to parvo.