Working Cat Program

Looking for a Working Cat?

While most of the cats that come into Lake Humane Society are surrendered by people that have had them as household pets, some of the cats are trapped as outdoor feral cats. These cats have a hard time adapting to humans and are not socialized. Most of the time in shelters, these cats are humanely euthanized because they live in fear and stress in a caged environment. In order to try and save more feral cats, Lake Humane Society is launching a Working Cat Program along with our Trap, Neuter, Return program. If you have a barn, stable, winery, warehouse, nursery or greenhouse, you can help save a cat!

Adopting a working cat will provide rodent control without the use of pesticides! They may help reduce crop loss due to rodent populations. Some of these cats might prefer animals over people, some may want to be on their own, and some may want observe you while you do your work.

Lake Humane Society will provide a fully vetted cat that will be spayed or neutered, they will have their rabies vaccine and flea prevention applied. After spay or neuter surgery, we will ear tip the cat to show that they have been fixed. We will do this at no cost to you! What you will need to provide is a safe shelter in barn or stable, daily food and water, and secure spot while it acclimates for 2-4 weeks. Once released, you are responsible for Veterinary care if needed.

Please contact Lake Humane Society at to see if we have the right cat for the job!

Working Cat Program Frequently Asked Questions