The Angel Fund

Pet Adoption

Benefiting Pets with Special Needs Since 2007

The Angel Fund was started in the Spring of 2007 when a stray German Shepherd, later named Angel, was found in need of immediate medical attention. Angel suffered from severe injuries after being hit by a car. There was too much damage to her leg for it to be saved and it was amputated with a laser surgery procedure. If it wasn’t for generous people donating money towards her surgery, she may not have had a second chance at life.

Since Angel, countless animals have benefited from The Angel Fund. By donating to The Angel Fund, you are helping to provide veterinary care to an animal in need and giving them the second chance they deserve. Donations made to our Angel Fund help underwrite surgeries, medications, heartworm treatment, physical therapy for a malnourished pet and everything in between. This fund ensures that all adoptable pets receive the medical care they need, regardless of  expense.