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Intake Procedures

Lake Humane Society accepts owner surrendered animals by appointment-only. This ensures we have the resources and space to provide quality care to your pet. If you need to surrender an animal, first you will need to complete an intake form and our Intake Coordinator will be in touch. Scroll down the page to read more about the guidelines and procedures for surrendering and animal. Click here to complete the form:

Intake Questionnaire

If you are seeking help for an injured cat, please contact Lake Humane Society directly via phone 440-951-6122 ext. 101 and/or via email at If this happens after hours (anytime after 5 pm), you may call the police in your area for assistance or take the animal directly to an emergency vet.

If Your Own Pet Is Lost, please email a photo to We also suggest posting a picture of your lost pet with all the appropriate details on Lake County Lost Pets on Facebook. Be sure to check their page as there are many posts put on each day. 

Kittens it is normal for a mother cat to move her kittens to different locations if she feels one location is not as safe as another. It takes time for her to move each one and sometimes this can lead people to believe it is abandoned. If a kitten has been left by itself for more than 4 hours, contact LHS at 440-951-6122 and/or email

If You Become Sick with COVID-19 – it is best to keep your animal with you. Please have a plan for someone to be able to help and assist you with the needs of your pet. Take the time now to make your pet’s plan with feeding and medication instructions. We hope you will never need to use it but it’s better to be over prepared.

If you need food or supplies contact LHS at 440-951-6122 and we will assist you.

Empty the Shelters!

Beginning December 1st through December 11th, select animals at Lake Humane Society will be adoptable for a discounted rate, thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation.


Cats (1+years or older) = $25
Adult Dogs (1+ years or older) = $50 (plus $20.75 dog license fee)
Dog Bonded Pairs= BOGO $50 (plus $20.75 dog license fee for reach dog)


Help us EMPTY the shelters this month so all of our precious animals can have a home for the holidays, and fill out an adoption application below: