Pet Intake

What We Do

We are taking the necessary precautions to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

In an effort to support human and animal health during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary for Lake Humane Society to remain closed to the public. At this time, we are assisting our community with animal intake on an emergency basis only. LHS is using an abundance of caution for the well being of our animal care workers while following the industry standards to take care of animals in Lake County. If you need to surrender an animal, complete the form on the bottom of this page and our Intake Coordinator will be in touch. 

If Your Own Pet Is Lost, please call LHS at 440-951-6122 or email to report your lost pet. Include a detailed description including any specific markings, male or female, intact or not, declawed, etc. We will add it to our lost pet binder which we check on a regular basis. We also suggest posting a picture of your lost pet with all the appropriate details on Lake County Lost Pets on Facebook. Be sure to check their page as there are many posts put on each day. 

Kittens-. It is normal for a mother cat to move her kittens to different locations if she feels one location is not as safe as another. It takes time for her to move each one and sometimes this can lead people to believe it is abandoned. If a kitten has been left by itself for more than 4 hours, contact LHS at 440-951-6122 and/or email

If You Become Sick with COVID-19 – it is best to keep your animal with you. Please have a plan for someone to be able to help and assist you with the needs of your pet. Take the time now to make your pet’s plan with feeding and medication instructions. We hope you will never need to use it but it’s better to be over prepared.

If you need food or supplies contact LHS at 440-951-6122 and we will assist you.

Intake Questionnaire

Thank you so much for reaching out to Lake Humane Society and trusting us to help during this difficult time. To begin the surrendering process, we need some background information on your pet(s). Please complete the following form and provide as much information as you can:

Intake Questionnaire