Cat Surrender Questionnaire

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Lake Humane Society is a managed intake facility, which means we do not euthanize healthy animals for time or space. All of our animals that come in, stay until they are adopted out to loving homes! Because of this, we almost always work off of a waitlist for new intakes and schedule surrender appointments based off of the amount of adoptions we go through in a day, on top of helping any animals our humane agent may bring in.
While we try to help any animal that needs to be surrendered, there are circumstances that the animal may not be a good fit at our facility. If we cannot accept it, we will try to provide any other resources we may have to help assist you.
PLEASE NOTE: Intakes are by appointment only.
**Please write “Not applicable or N/A” to any required question that does not pertain to your pet.


Cat Surrender Questionnaire

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We understand giving up your pet is extremely hard. Before surrendering, would you like to discuss resources or avenues to help keep you and your cat together?*
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